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How Mehndi Plays an Important Role in an Indian Wedding

The moment we talk about Indian weddings, what comes in your head? I believe it will be ceremonies, fun, delicacies, colorful decorations, unique attires and so on and so forth and that is absolutely true for Indian weddings. Indian weddings are no less than an event, Indian weddings are mostly known for their rituals and celebrations. Notwithstanding, the beauty of Indian weddings lies in the beautiful traditions that are associated with those special celebrations. You can’t imagine an Indian weddings sans traditions, rituals, and celebrations these are A MUST of a successful Indian weddings. Furthermore, Indian weddings are no less than a week task, ceremonies begin with pre-wedding celebrations and continue for a week, till the reception.

Mehndi, commonly known as Henna in some parts of the nation and world-wide too. It comes in powder state which is green in color and its paste is made by mixing several other ingredients like eucalyptus oil, clove oil and a few drops of lemon and then it is applied on hands and feet of girls, and women. However, Mehndi has its own charm and it is used by Indian and neighboring countries’ women on some special occasions like karwa chauth, Diwali, hariyali teej and so on and so forth.

Moreover, Mehndi plays an important role in an Indian wedding be it Hindu wedding or Muslim wedding. To be honest, festivities in an Indian marriage starts with the mehendi ceremony. Mehndi ceremony is considered to be one of the most important pre-wedding ceremonies filled with fun, colors, enjoyment, dance and what not. On Mehndi night from the bride-to-be, to all the females present at the wedding gather together to adorn their hands with beautiful, and abstract henna design patterns. Even some families conjoin Mehndi and Sangeet ceremony together to make it more fun and enchanting ceremony.

In Indian weddings the significance of the mehndi ceremony has grown in status. Gone are the ways when mehndi was celebrated in the presence of few attendees of family people. Now Mehndi is celebrated with huge pomp and bang. Couples now want to celebrate every occasion with full zeal and enthusiasm and they leave no stone unturned to do so. DJs, music, dhols and what not are arranged for celebrating the event. Even brides go for special attires unlike old days when brides used to wear old clothes to prevent them from mehndi stains. Traditionally intricate designs with the groom’s name were applied but today brides have a lot of options available to experiment from Arabic designs to Indo-Arabic designs that too mixed with shimmer pastes. Also, these days semi-precious stones are embedded in the mehndi design. Still, the traditional way of writing groom’s name on bride’s mehndi is prevailing because in some areas or cultures, during the post-wedding celebrations groom is made to search for his name in bride’s mehndi design, just for making the environment light and playful for the new bride at new home.

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